Customer Spotlight: ODE TrueFood

Tim and Clare Bouget are the owners of ODE dining and cafe-ODE(ODE-true food).

First opened in 2006, the fine dining restaurant has grown from strength to strength. In the years since its inception, ODE has made appearances on BBC programming and both local and national radio and is featured in all the major food guides. In 2012 cafe-ODE was created, the family friendly big sister version of ODE dining has opened to much critical acclaim and continues to set a bench mark for the modern day sustainable cafe.

In 2012 ,2013 & 2014 ODE-true food won the award of ‘Sustainable Restaurant of the Year’ and most recently picked up a prestigious “Sustainable Business “CATEY” in London, putting the family operated business at the forefront of the sustainable food movement in the UK. All throughout this time Tim and Clare have stuck rigidly to their environmental beliefs and the partnership with Wunderism in 2013 was yet another step toward the most sustainable restaurant and cafe business of their kind.

Almost one year after the formation of our partnership I caught up with Tim to find out his thoughts about the partnership and why he believes that Wunderism is a valuable addition to his business. If you would like to learn more about ODE then please feel free to visit any of the links at the bottom of this article.

1. Hi Tim, my first question today is what key features did you have in mind before choosing a website host and do you feel Wunderism has exhibited these qualities?

“I wanted to be able to have full control of my website so I could make any changes that I wanted, while at the same time being comfortable in the knowledge that Wunderism could help me out if I ran into any problems. Another aspect that was important to me was that the site had to be mobile friendly which was seen to without a problem. Overall, I feel that Wunderism have helped me create a professional website which represents ODE to the high standards I strive to maintain.”

2. Since you started hosting your website with us have you encountered any problems? If so do you feel that it was easy to get in touch and resolve said issue?

“There were a few minor issues in the very beginning but then again you could not expect anything different when creating a new partnership. I am pleased to report these issues were dealt with almost instantaneously and I was very happy with the service I received. The members of Wunderism staff I spoke to were very approachable and keen to help.”

3. Clearly you are passionate about sustainability, what would you say to businesses who may perceive becoming green as a time consuming and expensive process?

“Being a sustainable business is an investment in time more than anything else, in the majority of cases extra money doesn’t need to be spent and the processes to become more sustainable are not altogether complicated. Every activity that the business is involved in from day-to-day activities to more special occurrences will impact the environment and it takes time to appreciate and implement the measures that need to be taken to mitigate this damage. My goal in life is to preserve and improve the world we live in for both my family and future generations as it is they who will inherit the world from us. As a chef myself I want to inspire fellow chefs and restaurateurs to become more sustainable and for this desire to be passed on to their customers as we all have an equally important role to play.”

4. Do you feel that the negative impact of the internet on the environment is understated?


5. For example did you know that every 100 visitors to a website produce similar carbon emissions to a 200 mile journey in a family saloon car?

“I really like this fact and it is one I think is very effective. It allows businesses to visualise exactly how damaging a simple thing like a website could potentially be.”

6. Did you feel that changing your website host proved to be a problematic experience or was it straightforward?

“It was a very straight forward process and remains a painless exercise to this very day. I appreciate that our partnership with Wunderism has saved us time in our bid to become more sustainable and has significantly reduced our impact on the environment which is my first thought about any opportunity to partner with a fellow business.”