Carbon and the Internet Fun Facts

Today’s post is going to be a slight oddity today. A short burst of some fun facts about the damage the internet does to the environment  and slowly moving towards some comical yet theoretically sound facts at the end.

1. The internet is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions

2. The internet produces 830 million tonnes of CO₂, that’s compared to only 600 million tonnes produced by the entire aviation industry

3. There will be 2 billion websites by the end of 2015, that is just over double the number of websites there are now

4. A typical website is now 1.4mb in size which is fifteen times larger than in 2000

5. Every 100 visitors to a 1.4mb site produces the same amount of carbon as a car travelling 220 miles

6. The average data centre produces as much carbon as 180,000 homes

7. Every two google searches uses the same amount of electricity as boiling a kettle

8. Twitter produces 10 tonnes of CO₂ per day thanks to over 500 million tweets

9. On average 97.4 billion spam emails were sent per day in 2013 producing similar levels of CO₂ emissions to 3 million cars

10. A Boeing 747 would have to travel to the moon and back 5674 times to match the damage caused by the internet

11. It would take a Boeing 747 a total of 34 days to reach the moon and return back once, it would take 528 years to make the same journey 5674 times.

12. Therefore it would take 528 years for one single Boeing 747 travelling to the moon and back to match the CO₂ emissions caused by the internet